Welcome to Aikyum Yoga

“Aikyum” is a Sanskrit word which means oneness. Harina Kapoor, the founder of Aikyum Yoga is a strong proponent of the “no time, no space” concept. To lead a happy and healthy life, it is important to live in the moment, and consider everyone and everything around as being part of us. Aikyum Yoga was formed to propagate this philosophy.

Hatha Yoga teaches us to pay full attention to our breathing during Pranayamas; various muscle stretches, effects on glands and internal organs during the Asanas; and to watch ourselves during meditation. Proper practice of Pranayamas, meditation and Asanas help balance our body and mind. A well balanced mind leads to the understanding of us being in the oneness.

On the Aikyum Yoga Youtube channel, you can find a wide variety of instructional videos with easy-to-follow demonstrations of yoga postures.

Aikyum Yoga's physical location has closed. Please join us on Youtube to continue your journey with yoga.